Our Team

A passion for helping people create and enjoy more usable space outside their homes, has guided Armando's career and led him to create All South Rain Solutions, LLC.With the experience since 1997 in metal fabrication and over 13 years of experience with new product integration, Armando has developed a better way to satisfy and beautify the usable space that already exist within your property.

Armando spent the beginning of his career working for MASCO , IBP, and South Eastern Under Deck. During this early phase of his working life he expanded multiple locations, added new product lines, and developed relationships with vendors.

The origins of All South Rain Solutions come from 2006 when Armando and his friend were introduced to an under deck system. They spent many years trying all the under deck products they could get their hands on. In the process, he saw what he liked and disliked, and repairing on many under decks with problems. Using his knowledge of what has not worked and what should be done throughout this years, he has developed the best combination of materials, suppliers and customer service to create the best option available on under decking products , custom gutters and gutter protection today!