What is your system made of?
All of the components are manufactured from aluminum and any frame work needed is built with pressure treated wood. Fasteners are pressure treated wood compatible. Aluminum can be safely used in contact with lumber treated with micronized copper wood preservatives.

How long does it take to install an under deck system?
It depends on the size and shape of the deck. A simple rectangular deck will take one to two working days to install.

Do I need to do maintenance on my under deck?
Our system flows independently from your deck structure. from the initial setup we make sure it flows properly (initial set up done using a rotary laser level) therefore all debris get washed away with every rain. Your basic cleaning routine (blow leafs off and/or sweeping) is sufficient.

Does my under deck ceiling need to be ventilated?
‚ÄčThe gaps between your floor boards deliver enough ventilation to let humidity and air movement inside your system. If you think that you need more, we also offer vents in our accessory list.

Are your panels easy to remove?
Any panel that is not attached to an accessory or other through fixture can be easily removed.

What colors are available?
We offer 25 solid colors.

What kind of accessories can be installed with my system?
Ceiling fans, swings, speakers, tv mounts, vents, plug in outlets, can lights, and other lights are routinely mounted to our system.

Does the System offer a warranty?
We offer a 30-50 year satisfaction warranty with proper maintenance. The paint on our material is warranted by our supplier for 50 years.

What is included with your under deck system quote?
Every quote includes the under deck, gutter system, and downspouts.

How much does an under deck ceiling cost?
All quotes are priced on-site. However, if you happen to know the square footage or measurements of the deck, feel free to call us for a free estimate over the phone 678-485-5642.

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes, we can show you proof upon request.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.